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Origin: France, Israel
Genre : Classique, 
Years active : 1990 - Present
Label : Independant

Trained at the most prestigious international music academies (Moscow conservatory and the Julliard School in New-York), Laetitia Himo performs around the world, invited by remarkable conductors (Jean-Claude Casadesus, Claudio Simone, Angel Romero, Vladimir Spivakov, Alexandre Roudine), or national orchestras of Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, or the Berlin philharmonic orchestra.

Born in France, before moving to Moscow in order to perfect her skills with great masters such as Mstislav Rostropovitch or Nathalia Gutmann, Laetitia Himo, in this exceptional concert “From Paris to Moscow” retraces her personal and professional background through performing great classic pieces of French and Russian composers. Alternately gentle and solemn with Fauré’s Elegies, Nocturnal from Tchaikovsky or the Swan from Saint-Saens, as well as more passionate and fiery with Monti or De Fala, all the elected pieces bring us away to the discovery of magisterial compositions, interpreted with brio and sensitivity by Laetitia Himo.

Laetita Himo cellist
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 "A delicate interpretation of a genuine nature and a strong emotional power "
- Nathalie Gutman -
"If you enjoy cello and if you like sheer talent, listen to Laetitia Himo"
- Joseph W. Polisi, President of Juilliard school New York -
"Laetitia Himo has a wonderful tone, a dazzling nature and a real artistic style"
- Vladimir Spivakov -
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