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Laetitia Himo & Sanya Kroitor

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Since 2015 Laetitia play on stage with her spouse, the freat violonist Sanya Kroitor.
Laetitia com from a classical universe but with a bohemian soul due to her corsitude. Sanya comes from a universe of traditional Balkan music with a school of classical violin, their paths met at the intersection of a quest for their romantic, fiery, sensitive souls. 
They were without knowing it, both in searh of their other half, the one who would fill their lack both on stage and in their love story.
The first look, the first note together was an explosive, emotional alchemy, filled with grace 
Their story is founded on the love of music, sincere love and their sensitivity.
So our two instruments are one
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From Bach to Beatles

Sanya Kroitor & Laetitia Himo

La vie en Rose - Edith Piaf Cover

Sanya Kroitor & Laetitia Himo

Balkan Cappricio - Création Sanya Kroitro

Sanya Kroitor & Laetitia Himo

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